Banking Products

Over a period of time, AFL’s banking practice has developed several products and IP frameworks that complement existing core banking systems installed in a bank.
AFL’s products and IPs are primarily for data enrichment in order to provide pre-configured, statutory reports for compliance and a distribution tool for the same reports.

Apart from this, AFL’s banking practice has also developed a highly vertical product that is tightly integrated with the Finacle Core banking system and manages in-house pension processing and provident fund entries.


Government Business Module:

Large private and public sector banks that are authorized to conduct government business are facing an ever-increasing need to optimize the costs while delivering services to the public, without compromising on quality.
AFL’s Government Business Framework is a native web application framework that automates end-to-end government transactions such as pension and social security schemes, and enables bank to accurately track and report government (state and central) taxes, in a timely and cost-effective manner.