Consumer Electronics


The rapid adoption of mobile technologies and devices has changed the consumer electronics landscape. Today, consumers expect a higher and more enhanced user experience – consistently.

AFL focuses on two product lines for its services in the CE space – printers and mobiles. This breadth of service under one roof for this segment makes us an ideal choice for a product manufacturer. Our expertise in embedded services adds our ability to provide comprehensive solutions. Our engineers are well-equipped to work on the firmware for any CE device. This strength stems from the fact that we have worked extensively on multiple RTOS, device drivers, BSP and board bring up activities. The chipset expertise at AFL covers many processor lines from TI, ADSP, ARM based SoC’s, Hitachi SH series.

In the mobile space, our focus is on application development for different mobile platforms. The expertise covers Windows, Android, iOS and Java-based application development. Our major focus is on Android OS based application development and we have successfully executed multiple projects on the OS.

We are also equipped to handle work on applications for integrating a media player, building a customized UI or doing specific work related to audio/video processing.

We are one of the established service providers for a leading printer manufacturer; addressing outsourced software development and testing. The services encompass different layers of the product – covering firmware work, applications development, testing and automation. We are recognized by our customers in this space for the ability to take up complex jobs in a process-driven manner. The engagements are multi-year and multi-location, covering two different continents.